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CGI Room Sets

CGI can save time and money for creating complex room sets and environments.

Traditionally a photographer would have to physically build each room set once finished dismantle it. However once you have invested in creating a digital room set this asset can be reused infinite amounts times with as many amends as you wish. We can also provide you with chalk models of room sets you are planning on creating or photo-realistic images.

Once the asset of the room set is built in 3d we can position the 3D camera in several angles to produce multiple images. CGI should be seen as a tool to aid a photographer / photography not to replace it and example of this could be the photographer shoots to product and Pim Studios creates the backgrounds in CGI matching photographer camera position and lens.

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  • Moodboard | Brief | CAD
  • 3D Modelling
  • Texturing | Materials | lighting
  • Rendering and Retouching
  • Send Final to Client

Moodboard | Brief | CAD

A simple break down of our workflow

All our work can be carried out through email and telephone conversation so if time is precious, and your workload is high, just send us the required information and we can produce your high quality CGI’s usually within 10 working days of confirmation. Our artists can work from sketches, cad data and sketch up files and various other 3D formats. To start the process we would require a brief which entails plan drawings and the number of images you require to what level of detail such as photo-real, chalk pack, x-ray. We have connections to some of the largest texture and modelling developers on the market so even if you feel you have a very bespoke design please don’t hesitate to just drop us an email, we would relish the opportunity to go through some ideas with you and your team.


3D Modeling

A simple break down of our workflow

Using the sketches or cad data provided, we proceed to the modelling phase and create the 3d model. We then produce several chalk renders for the client to critique and discuss the model and camera angle. Using the chalk renders the modelling phase and camera angles will then be validated and confirmed before any the materiality process. Our model library is a consistent growing part of Pim Studios and we are able to match and create any given item you require to the highest standard.

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Texturing | Materials | Lighting

A simple break down of our workflow

For room set and environment visualisation we use HDRI (High Dynamic Range Image) Lighting. This advance lighting method allows us to create the natural real world lighting, we also use additional spot and area lights to craft the image and achieve the look and feel you require.

We use high quality 3D materials from our bespoke library created by our artists. Our materials are based of photography which we break down into the raw elements such as diffuse, reflection, specular. We apply procedurally programmed patterns to each map to ensure our images do not have seams or stretching so they portray realistic qualities.

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Rendering and Retouching

A simple break down of our workflow

To produce a Photo-real image or animation this will require rendering. We use high-end Xeon servers within the office to render all of our work. This process can take minutes or hours for a single print image depending on the level of details. Other variables such as photo-realistic lighting, materials and resolution (picture size) can have a huge impact on the render times.

Once all elements are rendered the retouching can begin. You may have seen retouching before regarding other industries such as fashion. Well the same techniques apply to architecture. During the retouching stage we balance tones and values of the image we can even add additional lighting, people and effects. Our retouchers have years of experience and we can take basic 3d to stunning photo-realistic images using Pim Studios Methods.

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Send Final Files to Client

A simple break down of our workflow

We store all of our client’s files on server within the office for maximum security. Once all the final images are finished we can securely send you the images in the format you require typically we are asked for tiff, jpeg and psd. We use services such as we transfer and dropbox to send files. If you require more images or high resolution from a previous project we can revisit them any time.

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Case Studies.

Digital environments and sets are a useful tool for the automotive industry to showcase vehicles. These environments can be animated or used for high resolution stills. The advantage to CGI over photography is the sun is always shining and the set never has to be dismantled and always there to be revisited
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